Aumkar Meditation Should be Practiced : A Part from the Book Chapter : Aumkar Meditation: A Pathway to Blissful Pregnancy


Aumkar meditation if practiced in a proper way offers tremendous benefits. Following are the steps of practicing aumkar meditation.

  1. The first step is selecting a proper starting position or the asana in which aumkar meditation should be practiced. Generally, vajrasana, sukhasana, or padmasana are most commonly used. For pregnant females, sukhasana is the most commonly preferred position. The area where aumkar meditation is practiced should be quiet and comfortable. A neat and clean mat or asana is used which is spread on the floor on which the person sits. In case, if during pregnancy, the patient is not allowed to sit on the floor, then a chair can also be used. Throughout the meditation, an erect body posture is maintained and the hands are held in gyan mudra, and resting on the knees. Pregnant females can keep both hands on their belly and feel the vibrations being passed to the baby during the meditation.
  2. After sitting peacefully in this position, the eyes should be closed slowly and imagine the symbol of AUM in front of you and focus all your attention on that symbol.
  3. The next step involves focusing on the natural breathing pattern with mouth closed that is the inhalation and exhalation should only be through the nostrils with the jaw muscles completely relaxed and the upper and lower teeth slightly parted. Focus on the breathing pattern, the speed and depth of the inhalation and exhalation. Continue this until the mind is completely relaxed and calm.
  4. Once the mind relaxes, the next step is to start the aum chanting. Aumkar chanting consists of chanting of 3 syllables, “A”, “U”, and “M”. Initially while starting the practice, the depth and length of chanting each syllable can be adjusted according to the individuals depth of inspiration. The “A” and “U” syllables are generally of short duration and are chanted with mouth open and lips apart, whereas the “M” syllable is of a longer duration and is chanted with lips closed. First, a deep inhalation is done then the Aumkar chanting is started keeping the three syllables of aumkar in mind. During the meditation, the vibrations which are produced as a result of aumkar chanting should be experienced by remaining silent for some time after the first chant. The pregnant females can imagine these vibrations to be passed on to the baby by placing their hands on their belly as shown in.
  5. Continue the aum meditation in sync with the breath. This will initiate a cycle of chanting, and the body and mind will gradually relax. Initially, the aumkar chanting is practiced loudly, the slowly the pitch of the sound is lowered to that level where only the person meditating can hear, then further lowered to that level, where no one can hear, it should be repeated continuously in the mind. As the pitch lowers, the omnipresence of Aum is felt, and the breathing slows down and becomes light. Although the mind wavers in between, try to bring the attention back to aum chanting.

Author(s) Details:

Tushara Nair
College of Physiotherapy, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University), India.

G.P. Kumar
College of Physiotherapy, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University), India.

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Recent Global Research Developments in Benefits of Aumkar Meditation

Future Directions in Meditation Research:

  • A task force of meditation researchers and teachers recommended expanding meditation research to include challenging domains often neglected.
  • These areas include group and relational experiences, transpersonal and mystical aspects, and post-conventional stages of development associated with meditation.
  • An online survey found that many meditators report anomalous and extraordinary experiences, which can be rigorously investigated.

Benefits of Aumkar Meditation:

  • Stabilizes Mind and Body: Aumkar meditation helps stabilize both mind and body.
  • Improves Weak Body Constitutions & Immunity: Regular practice may enhance immunity and support overall health.
  • Alleviates Excessive Fear & Nightmares: It can reduce fear-related symptoms and improve sleep quality.
  • Reduces Attention-Deficit Disorders: Particularly beneficial for children with attention difficulties2.

Blissful Pregnancy:

  • Aumkar meditation can help pregnant individuals deal with hormonal emotional outbursts, reduce pain and fear related to delivery, and improve vaginal delivery rates.

Integrated Longitudinal Models:

  • Researchers propose framing mindfulness meditation experiences within integrated longitudinal models for a deeper understanding of associated health and well-being benefits [3].


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