Concentrates on Dual-Working : A Part from the Book Chapter : Marital Adjustment and its Dimensions among Single-working couples and Dual-working Couples

In modern times, the family structure is mostly a nuclear family type which has also affected the marriage system in India. It is likewise seen that for the most part dual-working couples in which both male and female partners are working and single-working couples in which just a male accomplice is working and the female accomplice is a homemaker, they play various parts and responsibilities at times. However, Social, Emotional and sexual elements are the significant perspectives that decide the progress of marital adjustment for couples. Emotions are extraordinary inspirational powers all throughout the range of human existence, influencing the goals, contemplations and activities of a person.

Concentrates on dual-working couples who have ideal assets, for example, advanced education and strong work for the two partners, with a typical salary evaluate a superior marital adjustment regardless of the heap of stressors experienced by the two couples. Few studies have reported that there is no massive distinction in marital adjustment among working women and non-working women.

The impact of psychological well-being on marital adjustment among single-working couples has been studied. Discoveries uncovered that non-working women had a huge impact on their emotional wellness. Income is also one element as reported in a study that there is a detailed positive connection between finance and marital adjustment.

Author(s) Details:

Raksha Singh
School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Babu Banarasidas University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.

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Recent Global Research Developments in Marital Adjustment in Single vs. Dual Working Couples

Crossover, Culture, and Dual-Earner Couples:

Marital Adjustment among Single and Dual Working Couples:

  • A study published in the International Journal of Indian Psychology explored marital adjustment among single and dual working couples. [2]

Gender Differences in Marital Adjustment:


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