Tai Chi Water Resistance Fitness Ball : A Part from the Book Chapter : Effectiveness of Complementary Therapy: Handheld Tai Chi with Water Ball for Middle-Aged and Advanced Parkinson’s Patients

In practical application, it was found that the compliance of functional exercise in middle-aged and elderly patients with Parkinson’s disease was generally low. High-intensity exercise and complex exercise movements cause patients to have many difficulties in the process of adhering to exercise, such as lack of motivation, not understanding the exercise method and so on. At present, there is few research on functional exercise compliance of patients with Parkinson’s disease at home and abroad, lack of systematic investigation and analysis.

Therefore, the purpose of this study was to explore the influence and intervention of handheld Tai Chi water resistance fitness ball on middle-aged and elderly Parkinson’s syndrome and to investigate and analyze the functional exercise compliance of Parkinson’s patients. Through this study, we can deeply understand the status quo of functional exercise compliance in middle-aged and elderly patients with Parkinson’s disease, and provide theoretical basis for formulating reasonable intervention measures. In addition, the functional training of Tai Chi water resistance fitness ball focuses on the cultivation of flexibility, balance and coordination of the body through a series of continuous, gentle and smooth movements. Through the flow of water in the body to activate the nerve reflex speed of small muscles in this process, the patient needs to continuously push and shake the water balloon with the hand, in the adjustment of strength and rhythm, to train the coordination and balance of the body. At the same time, the training of Tai Chi water resistance fitness ball also pays attention to psychological relaxation and breathing regulation, which can effectively relieve patients’ anxiety and tension and improve their mental state.

Author(s) Details:

He Huang
Independent Researcher, 2308 Ruth Ct, Rowland Heights, CA 91748, Los Angeles, USA.

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Recent Global Research Developments in Tai Chi Water Resistance Ball Impact on Parkinson’s Compliance

Let’s explore recent research related to Tai Chi water resistance balls and their impact on Parkinson’s disease patients. Here are some key findings from a study titled “The Impact and Intervention of Handheld Tai Chi Water-Resistance Fitness Ball on Middle-Aged and Elderly Patients with Parkinson’s Disease” [1]:

  1. Questionnaire Development: The researchers developed a questionnaire to assess exercise compliance among Parkinson’s disease patients. The questionnaire’s reliability and validity were tested, and it was found to be reliable and valid.
  2. Exercise Compliance Levels: The study revealed that exercise compliance among Parkinson’s disease patients needs improvement. There were significant differences in exercise compliance levels among patients under different circumstances.
  3. Intervention Effectiveness: The handheld Tai Chi water-resistance fitness ball was introduced as a new type of exercise. While the study did not examine the effects of other interventions on Parkinson’s disease, it highlighted the potential benefits of Tai Chi water resistance balls for middle-aged and elderly patients with Parkinson’s disease.
  4. Further Research Needed: The study suggests that further research should explore the influence of Tai Chi water resistance balls on Parkinson’s disease patients and consider additional interventions [1].

Additionally, a Chinese study found that practicing Tai Chi twice a week may help slow down the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease for several years [2]


  1. Huang, H. (2024). The Impact and Intervention of Handheld Tai Chi Water-Resistance Fitness Ball on Middle-Aged and Elderly Patients with Parkinson’s Disease. Health, 16(4), 319-349.
  2. Tai chi may slow Parkinson’s symptoms for years, study findshttps://www.bbc.com/news/health-67208745

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