The Literature States that the Complementarity and Attractiveness of Resources : A Part from The Book Chapter : Effects of Board Composition of Family Firms Within Inter-Firm Networks

The literature states that the complementarity and attractiveness of resources held by a potential partner are an incentive for a firm to form a collaborative relationship with that partner. Boards play a pivotal role in entrepreneurial firms’ functioning and survival. Given the recent pivot from a singular focus on boards to examining boards’ interaction with other governance mechanisms in entrepreneurial firms, we believe that the field has reached a level of maturity such that a systematic review can help to consolidate the achievements of the field and craft a research agenda for years to come. Focusing on the multiplicity of corporate governance mechanisms and their interaction with each other, this review provides insight into a configurational perspective. During the relationship, the firm and its partner have access to some of each other’s internal resources. The relationship will be a success if this access is aimed at the reciprocal exploitation of complementarities of other firms’resources and so long as the firm and its partner obtain a just return on the investments entailed in the relationship. This return is represented by the new and further net value that is generated by the collaboration.

Author(s) Details:

Francesco Napoli,
Faculty of Economics, Università degli Studi, E-Campus, Como, Italy.

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