Do you want to see a deep-sea volcanic structure?

Scientists have recently discovered a new species of the Medusae, a type of free-swimming jellyfish with an umbrella-shaped body. This deep-sea creature was first observed in 2002 in the ocean waters south of Tokyo, Japan, in a volcanic structure. What makes it unique is the bright red “X” on its stomach. The findings of this study were published in November last year in the scientific journal Zootaxa. The researchers have named this new species of jellyfish “Santjordia pagesi” after the Cross of St. George because of the distinctive X on its body. The suffix “pagesi” was given in honor of the late Dr. Francesc Pagès, a jellyfish taxonomist.

According to scientist André Morandini, “The species is very different from all the deep-sea medusae discovered to date. It’s relatively small, whereas others in this kind of environment are much larger.” Regarding the unique red cross, Morandini said it “probably has to do with capturing food.”

As for the unique red cross, Morandini said it “probably has to do with capturing food.”

A remote-operated vehicle captured S. Pagesi, a marine animal with 240 tentacles, more than two decades ago near Japan’s Ogasawara Islands. Recently, another specimen of this X-marked creature was seen in the same area, but scientists could not collect it. Typically, discovering a new species requires the collection of multiple individuals, but due to its rarity, this Medusae was named and described using only one specimen. According to Morandini, the scientist who made the discovery, they chose to publicize the description and highlight the species that exist in the area, which has a mineral-rich substrate and potential for commercial development. Unfortunately, research in such areas necessitates partnerships with interested parties.

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