Top 5 Companies in India by Net Profit from Telecommunications Services Sector (Feb 2024 update)

In recent years, the telecom industry in India has grown at an incredible rate. As of March 2023, the telecom sector in India claimed to have the second-largest subscriber base in the world, with 1.72 billion wireline and wireless users.

Based on the Indian Telecom Services Performance Indicators published by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, the country’s tele density—a measure of the number of phones per 100 people—was 84.15% on March 31, 2023. Since March 2014, it has risen by almost 10%.

One of the most significant economic sectors in India is the telecom sector, which accounts for 6.5% of the GDP of the nation. Gross revenue for the industry was INR 85,356 Cr ($11.38 billion) in the final quarter of FY 2022–2023. The industry consists of White Space Spectrum, 5G, Broadband, Telephone Service Providers, Infrastructure, Equipment, and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MNVO).

List of Top 5 Telecommunications Services in India (BSE) based on Net Profit.

Company Name Net Profit (Rs. cr)
Tata Comm 666.15
Railtel 187.38
GTL 57.21
Suyog Tele 46.31
City Online 0.37
Source: BSE, India, last updated 21 February, 2024

This news is a creative derivative product from articles published in famous peer-reviewed journals and Govt reports:

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